Monday, September 30, 2013

I will be ready

Getting ready to speak at the school Jump Rope for Heart event.

Great friends. Wonderful runs. Clayton and James are returning from injury so couldn't join me for the entire 38 km but having them with me in the middle made the time fly.

At the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre. Micah's 99'ers game one day. Leading the VIP's around the track at the Grand Opening the next day.

So glad for the Liberte truck. Don't think I could have managed giving samples to the thousands at the Grand Opening! Watch the video here.

99 everywhere!

Leading the walk with the MP, MPP, etc

Wade was an Olympic torch runner a few years ago when Kevin Sullivan ran it into Brantford (Walter ran his part in Vancouver).

Thanks for your support, Wayne Gretzky!
This past week was likely one of the most physically difficult ones this build. Recovering from the Zoo run and solo 35 km run the next day, doing 1 km track repeats, completing my most difficult tempo ever, and getting in 165 km (long run 38 km) made for a challenging week. My body is battling a few nagging issues but I'm confident I will recover well, especially with my day off today (first one in weeks) and upcoming taper.
Not only was the week physically challenging, but busy with the usual activities with the kids, church, work, and the house, and two community events. On Friday I spoke to the kids at school about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity at their Jump Rope for Heart event. And on Sunday afternoon, I walked the VIP's around the new track at the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre Grand Opening. And on top of that, this is the time of year for contract/application/renewal work for the college, carding, and some sponsors. Busy but blessed.
20 days to Oct 20! STWM 2013 I will be ready.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Holding Strong

Another successful week of training in the books and 4 weeks to go until STWM!
I got in 165 km (and the usual pool and bike cross-training), which included a silver medal at the Zoo Run/Cdn 10 km Championships in Toronto with no taper.  It's a tough, twisty course that I've only done once before but I felt much better this year than last when I was ready to get into my taper for STWM right away (and I had that nasty blister that wasn't healing). Completing my 35 km long run this morning, after 22 km the day before (warm up, race, cool down) was exactly how it should have felt - not zippy but strong and steady. I'm ready for another hard week! Gotta really take care of myself now though as this is when my body is pushing its final limits with immunity low and susceptibility to injury high. Sleep, nutrition, hydration, phsyio, massage, and rest are high priority now.
For those of you interested in my friend, Britanie...we enjoyed a great afternoon together last week, eating Williams' wild pacific salmon rice boxes (LOVE them), shopping at Costco, and drinking Starbucks together. She just had round 2/8 of chemo and is holding strong.

What a team! Coach Rick with athletes, Ben Sayles and Krista DuChene. I am twice Ben's age (!!) but we make for a great pair on the track. Congratulations on your silver world medal (age group triathlon championships in London, England) and best wishes as you too attend school at the U of G. Go, Gryphons!

Busy start to the weekend with picture day at school. Love the stair steps.

Thanks, Auntie Chantale and Uncle Kevin for watching Leah and Seth for us. They quite enjoyed their sleepover. Seth had three favourite things about your new place: 1. movie watching, 2. Auntie's brownies and 3. the hot tub.

Enjoyed the press conference with Rob, Eric and Natasha for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Glad Leah could come along! Thanks for another great weekend, Alan Brooks and CRS crew! Canadian Running Magazine photo.

Proud of the two Megan's who completed their first post-baby races this weekend. Megan Metcalf-Wright did the Zoo Run 10 km Cdn Road champs. And in this picture is my friend, Megan Gecas after winning her age category at the Brant Waterways 5 km.

My friend Dean, after setting a personal best (since 1995) at age 70. Way to go in the 10 km! See you back at the gym this week. Keep inspiring!

Typical racing picture...Lanni, Krista. Krista, Lanni. When we stand next to each other in our matching Saucony/Eload gear, people ask who is who! Great job in the race, Lanni. You really wanted it and dug deep for a well-deserved win! Canadian Running Magazine story (here). Canada Running Series photo.

LOVE this meal. Easy take-out better than the other common fast-food options.
Distributed Liberte samples at the Brant Waterways 5 & 10 km races. A hit!

Great end to a fun & busy weekend, apple-picking with the fam.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Loving this Life

2.5 yr old Leah continues to be happy wherever we go, whether it be the gym for training, the rink for hockey, the grocery store, or just staying home! She just loves reading books and following my every move. It's all about wearing pink and running shoes lately! Big girl is out of her crib and diapers.

Took 5.5 y.o. Seth for a sundae at Menchies. Wow, what a place! It's like a candy store with a bit of frozen yogurt on the side! I'll have to make a stop there after STWM!

Team Cylka cheering on 7.5 y.o. Micah in the gold medal game.
My dear friend, Britanie, has started her chemotherapy treatments. She said she thought of me, toughing it out on a run, to get her through a bout of post-treatment nausea and vomiting. What a girl. Of course, I think of her to push me even further. Here she is with her son, a great friend of our boys'. Can't wait to spend the afternoon with her tomorrow.
Delivering a short message at the Walk of Hope. Know your body and listen to it!

Training continues to go well for STWM. Only 5 weeks to go!
Like I wrote last week, I'm spending way less emotional energy on this race. As you can tell from the pictures, the kids are keeping us pleasantly busy and we are so blessed to have them. Four runs this week (average 22 km) started at 5:15 am to make our family schedule work (our 7 y.o. had a hockey tournament in Toronto, etc.) but I didn't mind. I love the juggling act and am a morning person anyway. Just a little odd when Jonathan kisses the kids, and me, good night at the same time! And of course, the skunks and raccoons always make the run exciting.
My workouts remain steady and consistent with no surprises. Just what you want and again, what I had pre-Worlds. This past week included 20 x 300 m's, a tempo, and a 40 km treadmill long run. Yes, you read correctly. Couldn't do the long run Saturday and needed childcare so relied on the belt to get it done. Great way to get the fluids/carbs perfected, thanks Trent! Because last week's run was more of a progressive one, coach wanted me to hold steady with a pick up in the end. So, I held an even pace for 2 hr then picked it up for the last 39 minutes. Loved every minute of it! Logged 170 km for the week.
This coming week will be another big one with high mileage and intensity, including the Zoo Run/National 10 km Road Championships. Story here. Like last year, I'll train through and use it to keep me sharp. No big expectations.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back at it

The 2013 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon is exactly six weeks away and I am feeling more confident, each and every day. I think it is safe to say that I am nearly hitting the same workouts and mileage as I was pre-Worlds. Lots of time to keep at it.
I must say that I am certainly not investing the same amount of emotional energy this time. I am blessed with enough busyness in my day to keep my mind occupied and that is a good thing. Our 7 yr old made a rep hockey team that has him on the ice 4/wk and our 5 yr old resumes swim lessons next month. Don't get me wrong - like every marathon I want to give it my all but after Worlds, I've been able to step back with perspective. I want to train and race because that is what I do...and put it to good use Oct 20th,  hopefully with decent weather (;
Glad I can continue being involved in the community.

After school road hockey!

Yep, back to marathon training with kale, beet, salmon and kidney bean salad.
Walk of Hope a hit!