Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another Fun Hockey Game

This year I enjoyed another game of hockey against Avery's team. It seemed much easier, not having a baby to carry out front (last year I played 61/2 mo pregnant)! I had finished a new highest-mileage-yet week of 140 km that morning so it felt great to sleep that night!
We are busy at home, getting our house ready to sell, since our offer was accepted on a new one in town. And of course, we are preparing for CHRISTmas! The kids are having fun! Quite exciting! The timing is great for the work around the house because I am now tapering for the Jan 1st race.

Monday, December 5, 2011

100 miles? Wow!

Way to go, Dale! Read, "100-mile races reality for Brantford man".

135 km = done

Yep, did it! My highest mileage week. You may be surprised by this but 135 km (not miles!) is in fact the most I've run in one week, ever. It included a 36 km long run, and felt GREAT! This is definitely the best baby-come-back yet! And it's only the beginning!
I've succeeded in the past w/ low mileage and high quality workouts but knew my body was ready to ramp it up without compromising the workouts. The goal is to keep quality and quantity higher than ever as I start "real" training Jan 1/12. I'm still cross-training consistently; it really helps keep the little nagging twinges away as well as keep other parts strong. Particularly I'm feeling a stronger core than ever.
Speed will be the focus over the next few weeks as I prepare for the Jan 1st 10 km race in Brantford. See Cory Currie, another Brantford runner who is also promoting the new Brantford running series, has graciously agreed to pace me! Today I was quite pleased to finish a 20 x 400 m workout (each 400 m at 10 km race pace w/ 30 second recovery between each). I'll have to watch the turkey and baked goods consumption during the week of Christmas, before the race. Can't let all this hard work be wasted!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

January 1, 2012...what are YOU doing?

Join us for the first race of the new series in Brantford, Jan 1st.
We have a 10 km race that I am running (ok I'm putting it out here...I'd love to run a 35:30, which would get me into the Vancouver Sun Run).
We have a 5 km race that my husband (fyi in his words, he is "not a runner") is running.
We have a 1 km fun run that our three kids will be doing (ok, someone will push Leah in the Chariot since she can't even crawl yet!).
See you there?
More info from

Brantford’s Tournament of Races By Staff Report
Friday November 18/2011 at 09:30:26 AM

Some of Brantford’s finest runners have thrown their support behind a new six-race series known as the Brantford Tournament of Races.

Olympian Kevin Sullivan, marathon mom Krista Duchene, rising track star Brock Timmerman and elite marathon runner Rick Mannen are just some of the names of successful Brantford runners supporting the inaugural 2012 event. The tournament has taken four existing events and added two more.

The inaugural run will take place Jan. 1 with the New Year’s Day Resolution Races, a new event to Brantford. The series will also feature another new event to Brantford, Summer Night Road Races on Sept. 6.

In addition to the new events, the series will feature the Brantford Rotary Classic on April 29, Great Canadian Trail Races on July 1, the Brantford Grand Trail Run on July 28 and Walk-Run for the River on Sept 23.

At the end of the series, the runner with the most points combined in individual categories will be declared the 2012 champion. For more information on the Brantford Tournament of Races go to