Thursday, May 31, 2012

A few more pictures from Ottawa - fresh start and rough end!

The elite women start first, during the 10K run, for the 2012 Ottawa Race Weekend, held in downtown Ottawa, On, on May 26, 2012.

Runners took part in the Ottawa Race Weekend 10km race Saturday May 26, 2012. Top female runners push around one of the last corners of the 10km race.

Photograph 1 by: Jana Chytilova, Ottawa Citizen 

Fresh start.


Photograph 2 by: Ashley Fraser, Ottawa Citizen

 Rough end.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ready. Set. Go.

The elite women start first, during the 10K run, for the 2012 Ottawa Race Weekend, held in downtown Ottawa, May 26, 2012. 
Picture: Jana Chytilova, The Ottawa Citizen.

Ready. Set. Go.

Just finished meeting with Coach Rick today. Excited about our plans!

Monday, May 28, 2012

What a great family weekend in Ottawa! The 6 hr drive w/ the (3) kids was amazing...only stopped once on the way (a few more times on the way back but no complaints).
We thoroughly enjoyed our action-packed weekend. Jonathan and the boys had fun running the 2 km and enjoyed the amphibus ride. The kids loved the hotel and pool. We spent time w/ family and ate great food (thanks, Amy and Joy!). Great trip!

As for my race, although my time of 35:01 was a PB, it should have been better. Simple explanation = I started too hard. No biggie. Glad to keep learning. And boy did I push hard in the second half while paying for the first half! Am meeting w/ Coach Rick tomorrow to discuss training, racing, etc.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Back to Ottawa...Two Years Later

It's been two years since our family headed to the Ottawa Race Weekend. In 2010, we were a family of 4 and I ran a 2:39 to give me a National Champion title in the marathon. That weekend, Jonathan took our eldest on an amphibus ride, which was a huge hit while I stayed back at the hotel to nap with our youngest. And we got to spend time with family. This year, I'll be running the 10 km Saturday evening, a few hours after the 3 boys run the 2 km race. The past few weeks have been quite interesting as my 6 yr old has wanted to "train" for this event. During Seth's hockey practice, Micah ran five times around the 200 m track at the Gretzky centre. Then I took him to soccer practice early, to get in some training on the 400 m track (again, his idea)! Jonathan and I believe in providing opportunity for our kids; the passion comes (or doesn't come) later so it's exciting to see his excitement. This year, we again plan to see family, and make the amphibus another part of the weekend with me staying back to rest with the newest youngest! We just love our darling daughter, Leah. 
So, as for my 10 km race and the appeal...there's a lot of unknowns right now. I haven't done a 10 km in the shape I am in now so will hopefully surprise myself with a decent time. Looks like there's going to be a good group of girls with whom to run. As for the appeal, we are working on our response to the NTC and will keep you posted.

Running Along the Grand

A few weeks ago, the Globe and Mail sent Kevin to Brantford for a little photo shoot. It was a beautiful day along the trails beside the Grand. Boy, I love running along there.
Pictures are property of the Globe and Mail and cant be reproduced or republished.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Next step

So we heard, 16 days after our submission. The National Team Committee - Athletics Canada said "no" to our consideration for selection for the 2012 Olympic team. We can now appeal this decision. It will take some time as Lanni and I will have to speak with our coaches, plan and prepare a revised document.
Thanks for your support. We will keep you posted.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My mother's day request

If you read the article (posted in the previous blog), you'll know that for mother's day I requested a hand-made card and hot breakfast after a morning run. Well, thanks to Jonathan and the kids, that's exactly what I got. LOVED it! Thanks, Team DuChene!
(fyi still waiting for word on our appeal)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Still waiting but have a read anyway

Yes, we continue to wait for news on our appeal for the 2012 Olympic games. I'm going with, "No news is good news" and "Good things come to those who wait"! Patience. Patience.
In the meantime, I've been keeping my mileage low with high quality, and doing lots of cross-training. I must say that the variety of swimming, pool running, elliptical, and bike has been a nice change. My leg was a bit off but has responded well to Ty Fletcher's treatment and the decrease in mileage. I believe I am in a good position right now; I feel I've recovered mentally and physically from Rotterdam and am now ready to ramp up the mileage for London. I've had some fairly good workouts, which should give me a decent 10 km race in Ottawa (May 26) and 1/2 Marathon in Vancouver (June 24). That's the plan, anyway. Because my prep for Rotterdam proved to be successful, I think coach Rick and I will follow a similar route by starting the season with a shorter race, adding a 1/2 in the middle, then the full 42.2 km to end. This time I won't have the 30 km Bay in there, which is good because one must be wise when running 2 marathons in 4 months. 

As you know, coach Rick and I have a great relationship in Brantford. He provides high quality training plans and coaching advice, and I support the local Brantford Tournament of Races, Road and Trail Series. Recently I wrote an article, which is to go to print this week. Enjoy the preview!

RUNNING WITH RICK –Column No. 6, May 2012

Rick: With Mother’s Day falling within the month of May, what better time to have one of our community’s busiest Moms write about her insight into what it is like to balance being a homemaker, with motherhood and a career while training and competing at an international distance running level. Here is Krista DuChene’s perspective;

Krista:  When my 4 year old son asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day, the answer was easy. Other than a hand-made card from my three kids (orchestrated by my husband), I requested the very thing I am already blessed to have every other weekend of the year - a morning run followed by a hot breakfast with my family. I am a morning person. I love the energy I feel when I get out of bed, and get great satisfaction in my many morning accomplishments. Many people ask me, "How do you do it...being a busy mom and elite marathoner?" Likely the two simple answers are: passion and organization.

Let me start with passion. Ever since I was a kid, I was always passionate about physical activity. I just loved moving my body in my early years, and playing competitive sports later on. I've always had high energy. My mom always said I was the most active of all six kids in our family! As a youngster, I played and enjoyed all sports - soccer, basketball, hockey, track and field, and simply being outdoors on the farm. It wasn't until early high school that I started to get more serious about, and focus more on hockey and running. I loved and was fairly talented at both, which was convenient because I had a summer and winter sport. I remember wearing my hockey jackets to track meets and my track jackets to hockey tournaments, just to let others know I had another passion! I always enjoyed the team aspect of hockey and the individual focus of running. It was a good balance. I've often thought I would like to try long-track speed skating, the closest combination to running and hockey that I can think of! There came a point in my athletic career that I had to choose between my two passions. I chose hockey at the University of Guelph. I thoroughly enjoyed my four successful years, which included a first and fourth place finish at the provincial and national championships. After retiring from hockey, I returned to running. It was easy to fit into my schedule as a new Registered Dietitian and I enjoyed it. I had run several 10 km and 10 mile road races as a teen but had no plans, other than to run to stay fit. Then one day I ran 18 km and thought "Hey, I could try to run a marathon some day. That might be neat". Well, eight marathons later, including a National Championship, and a time of 2:32:06 to make me the 10th fastest Canadian Woman in history, I'm sure glad I returned to my other passion. If it doesn't work out to run the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, for sure I will be making an attempt for the 2016 Olympics. Yes, I'll be 39 years of age but I certainly believe I will still have the passion. The passion to get me out of bed at 5:30 am for a 40 km run, to hop into an ice bath to recover from a hard workout, to run harder and faster because my kids want me to win the big trophy! You know what I mean! I believe it will still be there!
Obviously with three kids and three hours of daily training, organization is key along with communication and support from my husband. I am constantly looking at my calendar. I have to write everything down and plan as much ahead of time as I can. It works well for me to know that my mornings are for training, afternoons are for rest and housework, and evenings are for family. I typically do the same type of work out as well as get my groceries on the same day of the week. Then I know what to expect. As for cleaning and laundry, those are ongoing tasks that unfortunately I am not that passionate about! Surprisingly, they seem to take much more energy than anything! If I am not organized, things can fall apart. It helps to know the direction Team DuChene is taking so I try to stay on top of things to make things run smoothly!
Since my Around the Bay 30 km race win and 7th place finish at the Rotterdam Marathon this spring, I've had many face book requests, notes of encouragement, and visits with friendly comments on my running blog. The one thing that is said more than anything else is that I am an inspiration. This is such a compliment and I thank each and every one of you for it. As you know, I believe my faith in God is the reason for my success in running. Passion and organization allows me to succeed as marathon mom and I look forward to many more years at this "job".
Rick: Thank you for your insight Krista. You truly are an inspiration.
Speaking of inspiration, I’d like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude to my wife Josie, my family, friends and members of our community for their outpouring of support and words of encouragement during my recovery from my recent surgery. It certainly has helped me tremendously during my healing process.
The third event of the Brantford Tournament of Races, Road and Trail Series - Brantford's 2nd Annual Great Canadian Trail Run is only five weeks away. This event will take place the morning of Canada Day on Sunday July 1st at the Lions Park/Steve Brown Sports Complex. It will feature picturesque trail runs including a 5K and 10K along with a 5K walk and a 1K fun run before enjoying the opening ceremonies of the Brantford Canada Day Celebration! You can visit for more information or registration. If you are interested in volunteering to help out at the race or the Series, you can also contact the organizers on this site. In the meantime, I will see you next month. Smooth and Safe Running.

(Former international class marathon runner Rick Mannen of Brantford offers running tips in a monthly column)

Monday, May 7, 2012

And we wait

I thought I should write a brief update for those of you following our hopeful path to the 2012 Olympic Games. Last Wednesday, Lanni and I submitted our appeal to Athletics Canada. They were to meet Friday to discuss. And we wait.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2 ... A Big Day for Lanni Marchant and Krista DuChene!

Today is a big day for Lanni and I.
The appeal has been submitted to Athletics Canada.
Canadian Running wrote an article (click here).
The Globe and Mail (click here) printed a great article.
CBC radio interviewed me for, "As It Happens". Click here as it will be on tonight (Wed., May 2) between 6:30-8:00 pm.
Exciting stuff! Will keep you posted.