Tuesday, November 17, 2009

January 2010...Here We Come!

Some of you ask, "How do I do it?"
Well, it takes some serious planning and juggling to make everything fit!
Here is the plan, which is to start January 2010.

Care for my two boys, niece and nephew.
Run (speed) while Dina watches the 4 boys. Then, watch boys while Dina volunteers.
Micah hockey.

Take Micah to preschool. Run (hills) with Seth in Chariot. Core and pilates.
Pick up Micah and his cousin from preschool and take them to Jonathan's sister's with Seth for the afternoon while I work 12:30-4:30 with family health team.

Micah and Seth cared for by Maureen and Jeanetta at the Wayne Gretzky gym while I swim and run (tempo) on the treadmill. Do some weights.
Groceries, clean, go to the office if necessary.

Get up early (5:30) to bike before the kids wake up. Core and pilates work.
Take boys to Dina's while I work 8:30am-2:30pm with family health team.
Take Dina and 4 boys to the rink for skating.

Go back to the gym for swim and run (easy). Do some weights.
Ladies' bible study.
Work a few hours doing homecare job.

Go to Paris for run (long).
Work a few hours doing homecare job.
Family chores, errands.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Marathon Canada

Check out the breaking news at Marathon Canada. 5th in Canada.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Brantford Expositor - November 6, 2009

Marathoner is armed for cold weather
Brantford's marathon mamma racked up another win last weekend when she was the first woman to cross the finish line at the Road2Hope marathon in Hamilton. Krista Duchene got the nickname Marathon Mom after winning a marathon on Mother's Day and, perhaps, after running the Paris half-marathon while 6-1/2 months pregnant. Or maybe it's just because of her two little ones -- Micah and Seth. Krista cut a pretty dashing figure Sunday as she crossed the finish line and raised in celebration arms that looked like they were encased in elegant full-length black gloves. Turns out the "gloves" are actually arm warmers that, paired with black gloves, ward off the chill without having to have a jacket or shirt that might need removing while one is running. "In weather like this," says Krista, "they're perfect. And they do look elegant!" With her time of two hours, 46 minutes, Krista is now ranked fifth in Canada and is dreaming of running the national championship race in Ottawa next year. "Pretty much all of my races this year resulted in me coming in first or second and every race was faster than the one before." Go Mom!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Five of Six Top NYC Marathon Winners are Moms!

Check out this link about the NYC Marathon.

Road 2 Hope Marathon Pictures (2/2)

Road 2 Hope Marathon Pictures

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Road 2 Hope Hamilton Marathon

I must quote start with a few quotes.

I'll repeat this one about Eric Liddell, just because. "He runs because 'God made him fast for a reason'. His running is a reconciliation of his faith and his passion, which is running. He runs for the glory of God. His faith always remains constant and pre-eminent in his life...".

And now one from Meb Keflezighi (2004 Olympic Marathon silver medalist and today's New York City Marathon Champion) about fellow teammate Ryan Hall when asked, what makes Ryan run so fast? Meb said, "Ryan understands that God has blessed him with a talent. His strong faith and commitment let him conquer the ultimate distance - the marathon".
Although Hall placed 4th today at the NYC Marathon, and likely wanted a bit better time, I'm sure that he was thrilled to run for God.

I was.

And now for the results: a personal best time of 2:46:27, first female, and 8th overall. I think this makes me 5th overall in Canada.

I must thank:

1) God. Jonathan (my super husband), Micah and Seth (our 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 year old boys). Check out the pictures below. Micah was thrilled to finish my chocolate milk and Seth was proud to walk down the stairs, on his own, to greet me once he woke from his nap. Jonathan had signs all over the house for me when I returned, including one on the mailbox that I could see when I drove in the driveway.

2) Mitch and James - my amazing pacers. Wow, those guys were super! They paced me from 22-42 km and I WOULD NOT have run so fast if I didn't have them.

3) Deb Jones and Mike Hamilton with the Runner's Den for their great support.

4) Coach Nicole Stevenson. Supporters: Chariot Carriers, Eload, and adidas.

5) And numerous others - family (including my sister who listened to my crazy excitement 2 weeks ago when I came up with the idea to run two marathons 5 weeks apart) and friends.