Thursday, August 29, 2013

This Story Is Not Over!

Here we go, again! Read it here!
I gave 100% for six months with text-book training and racing (3 PB's - 5 k, 10 k, Half Marathon) in my preparation for the World Championships only to face heat illness at 12 km with vomiting, tears, crazy story-telling, and near unconsciousness with non-English speaking Russians shoving smelling salts up my nose. Not what I imagined! Athletics Canada (and Speed River) Coach Dave Scott-Thomas was with me in the ambulance and while chatting, I remember saying, "Well, I guess this is my story.".
It stunk. I was humbled. I was disappointed. It was my first-ever DNF.
But my faith remained strong and like I wrote later that night, shortly after my ambulance ride I kept fluids down, stretched, walked, and with our team doctor, watched the others finish (way to go, Lanni and Mary through cramps, pain, agony), and jogged back to the hotel, feeling much better especially knowing 22 others DNF'd and it was not just me!
And I knew my story was not over.
It was actually back at the warm-up track, after assisting a hobbling Lanni, that I first had the idea to run a fall marathon. After an emotional hug with Trent S. and Rob W., I said to Rob, "Can you keep a secret?...". And after telling him my idea, he enthusiastically agreed that I would quickly bounce back since I didn't gruel through what the 46/69 women did that day in the 35 degree heat and humidity. He too planned to run STWM (read story here) after a short post-Worlds break, which would not allow loss of the fitness gained in our amazing builds. Once I connected with Rick and Jonathan back at the hotel, it was revealed within minutes that we each thought of me running a fall marathon. It was just a matter of who would say it first!  I think Rick would have given me my training plan that night but we agreed that I would enjoy my break and he would contact Alan because Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (STWM) was the perfect choice. STWM feels like my home race; it is familiar and comfortable with family and friends nearby. Alan and the CRS crew take great care of us. I won't have far to travel, will benefit from a pacer, and love the fall. 
So, I've been training for a week now and all is well. I'll be honest though, I allowed myself to fully indulge in 10 days of AMAZING European cuisine (you should have seeeeeen the sweets and treats I enjoyed!) and have a few pounds to shed but know with 3 babies and 1 injury, it will come. Patience. I needed that break and enjoyed every bit of it and it motivates me even more to get back into great shape. Again, the cross-training is a great help in my attempt to get back where I left off, pre-Worlds. It's way too early to set a goal time and sure the prize money, Canadian record, PB and all those things are incentives but honestly, I just want to work hard and put it to good use, October 20. We will likely do everything nearly the same as before Worlds because it worked so well. Race dates will be a bit different but I will do the Zoo run 10 km Canadian road champs as a sharpener. So, with just 7 weeks to go, I will buckle down and hopefully have a better ending to this story!

This is the first picture I've seen with me actually running at Worlds! Mary, Lanni and I had a good thing going...for a while anyway! (Krista - middle with red hat, Lanni on the left, and Mary with white hat, left of Lanni).
"Krista, along with Lanni Marchant in the Lead pack, early on, at Moscow World Championships Marathon on August 10th. Silver medallist Valeria Straneo (in blue) just in front. PHOTO: Victor Sailer, PhotoRun"

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

An absolutely wonderful 10 days

Tomorrow ends our 10 day European Vacation. It was amazing. Grand. Wonderful. The best.
Our travels in Russia, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy were absolutely great. The culture, food, scenes, pace, travel, walking, shopping, relaxation, and 10 days with my husband to celebrate 12 amazing years of marriage was absolutely epic. Epic seems to be the word to use these days so yes, it was epic! A big thanks goes to Jonathan's parents for watching the kids. I last saw them Aug 2 so I hope they remember me!
I've recovered from my attempt at the marathon. Thanks for sharing your experience, Lanni .
I've chatted with Jonathan and Rick about what is next. After 10 days with a lot of amazing food and as much cobble stone walking, I'm ready to lace up the running shoes again (;

Our last evening together in Europe.
Delicious food in Rome, Italy.

Love in Paris, France.

Breath-taking sites in Bern, Switzerland.

Breakfast in Munich, Germany.

Fashion in Vienna, Austria.
Amazing buildings in Moscow, Russia.

Cobblestone in Prague, Czech Republic.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pictures, Aug 9-10. IAAF Worlds, Russia.

1. Carb loading.
2. Clean sport.
3. Runner.
4. Fuel.
5. Race gear.
6. Canadian marathon women.

Not in the plan

It's late and I'm tired with a 6:30 am shuttle to the airport tomorrow but wanted to write about today.
Everything leading up to the race was perfect. Text book. But as marathoners we know we can have that amazing build and that terrible race. Long story short...I collapsed while reaching for my eload bottle at an aid station and DNF'd...with 23 other women. Racing at 2:00 pm in August is quite ridiculous. Temp was about mid 30's with the humidity. Apparently the start time had to do with tv and a very large sum of money. Hopefully a lesson has been learned. Spectators were guzzling water and looking for shade, ambulances (me included) were whizzing by like crazy, and women were walking and cramping (way to go, Lanni and Mary).
Again, great support from the team. Poor DST had a tough time communicating with the Russians medical folks. I ended up in 3 or 4 ambulances! After much vomiting, sharing some crazy stories about marathoning vs childbirth (?), some tears, and being told nearly half the field dropped, I felt better. I watched the finish and kept fluids down then actually jogged 6 km back to the hotel to meet  Rick and Jonathan. A massage, shower and food has me feeling pretty good in my bed right now. God is good, all the time. Tomorrow starts our vacation on our 12 th anniversary. The break will be good. Then we will see what is next.

10. 11. 12.

10. 11. 12.

Like I said before, I am a numbers person and the numbers ten, eleven, and twelve have been in my mind the last few weeks.
10 August. My 10th marathon, first marathon was 11 years ago.
11 August. Our 12th anniversary and start of our 10 day European vacation (first kid-free week away since our honeymoon, departing to Prague on flight #2012 at 1125).
12. My Guelph Gryphon hockey jersey number. 
And now...
211 My IAAF World Championships Women's Marathon number!
Not sure what this might mean in terms of my marathon time or placing!? Anyway...

We've settled quite nicely since arriving, Wednesday...

Staying at the Crowne Plaza, World Trade Centre in Moscow while at the IAAF World Championships with Team Canada for the Marathon has been great. The wide variety of food is healthy, the rooms are quiet and comfortable for resting (thanks, Mr. Rob Guy for switching rooms w Lanni and I so we didn't have to sleep on a cot) and the atmosphere in the common areas with hundreds of other athletes is pretty neat. 
We finally got our luggage Thursday in the early evening, thanks to the persistence of Mr. Scott McDonald, Mr. Peter Eriksson, Mr. Guy and many other team leaders. Seems that in Russia you are given an answer with the expectation that there is no conversation. But after being told a second time that the luggage would arrive,"this evening" our leaders got to the bottom of it. Half of the team were sure glad to see the 30 + suitcases in the lobby after dinner!
Earlier Thursday we met up with NZ marathoner and friend, Mary Davies at the pool and then had lunch together. It was great to see her, and I can't wait to be with her on the start line! She and I have a great connection.
The highlight of Thursday was when Coach Rick and Jonathan came to our hotel to meet with Athletics Canada's DST and Trent, and I. I was glad to see that they arrived safely, review the course, and confirm the race plan. 
Later Lanni and I headed to doping control to give our blood, which was a very well-organized procedure. A lot of work but necessary for a clean sport.
Thursday and Friday for Lanni and I is quite low key; lots of carbs and fluids, and 8 km (Thurs) and 5 km (Fri) of easy running w a few pick ups. We pretty much stayed put all day in the hotel. 
We had a team meeting and picture Friday at 2:00 pm, got our bottles set with Eload (expecting 30 deg C!), hydrated, snacked, ate, and rested. For this marathon , we have our own tables w our own team personally handing us our bottles. Trent has been phenomenal for the team. He knows numbers and studies like the back of his hand. From ideal female marathon BMI to optimal # g carb/h, he's got it! He's sent me a few documents that I look forward to reading once I return to my RD office, after racing and vacation of course. 
I am sooo glad the marathon is day one of competition!
I am ready. Really, ready.
Let's get this race going!
Internet limited. May not be able to post.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Germany to Moscow

After Jonathan, Micah, Seth and Leah dropped me off at the airport, I was on my way! From Toronto, I  flew solo to Dusseldorf, Germany for a training camp with the other Canadian Athletes in Kamen, Germany. Other than a bit of a mix up with the train (just into my 1.5 hr train ride from Dusseldorf to Kamen it stopped so I had to re-board elsewhere), travel was rather uneventful, which was great. In total it was 11 hrs. 

I didn't sleep much on the 8 hr flight but rested, stayed hydrated, watched a movie, read, and moved my body regularly. By the time I was on the train, I slept!
After arriving at the Kamen Sports Centre, I met a few from the team, got settled into my lovely, private room and went right to bed until lunch. I napped again then went for my first run with Lanni, Trent, Coach Dave Scott-Thomas (DST), and Anthony. After dinner I was in bed at 8:00 and had a great sleep. 
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday was filled with relaxation, tapered running with some short tempo sessions, napping, rookie night, meetings, treatments, and great meals with the team, including a delicious BBQ. Coach DST and Trent were out on the track as Lanni and I had our last sharpening run. Felt great!
Wednesday is set to be a long travel day from Kamen to Dusseldorf to Moscow. Getting out of the airport, driving to the hotel, and accreditation, with each athlete giving a blood sample, will make for a long day so we will take the day off from running.'s travel day is proving to be very long and complicated. So far, 5 Canadians missed their flight due to Visa problems half of us (me included) don't have our checked luggage (supposed to arrive tonight). Three hours and five forms later, we wait for our two hour bus ride to the hotel through Moscow rush hour. We will get there. All good!
Will try to add pictures later.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

IAAF World Championships, August 2013

Well, it's time. Time to fly to Germany for a short training camp then over to Russia to race the marathon!
Here's the link to the iaaf site.
The Women's Marathon is 0600 h our time, Sat., August 10.