Thursday, July 5, 2012

A little fun

Canadian Running Magazine is publishing  an article on me that will be in the Sept/Oct issue, which hits newsstands the last week of August. They needed some pictures so we did a little photo shoot at the North Park Highschool track (where Kevin Sullivan attended) next to the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre where I train (and the kids are cared for by two amazing ladies). The location of the gym (which also has a pool and 200 m indoor track) and track is very convenient as it's 1 km from home and next to the kids' school and my massage therapy clinic. Rick's niece, Sue did a great job as photographer. Thanks, Sue and Rick!

I must say that since our appeal was denied (story from
Brantford Expositor and Brant News), I've received a lot of heart-felt messages. Thank you, everyone. Of note, was one from my cousin.
"Hey Krista! Thought I'd share a song that I find incredibly inspirational and love to listen to when I'm exercising! Reminds me of you too and the great example you have been of giving your dreams to God and letting Him guide you! Can't wait to see what's next for you! xoxo :) Click here."
I've made my decision about my next race and will write about it soon. I'm quite excited!