Sunday, September 25, 2011


Training this week again went well. I am so pleased that I am physically feeling great. I believe my right foot is actually healing, and I am definitely feeling like I will be ready to run regular doubles soon! I have a ways to go but am thrilled my body is handling the mileage well.
I ran a total of 90 km this week. Because I was away Saturday, I did it over 6 days, and did not do my usual Saturday long run. I think this will work out well because next weekend's Run for the Toad will likely be close to 30 km with warm-up and cool-down, and the STWM 1/2 is only 2 weeks after that. On Friday, I was quite pleased to run a total of 10 miles in one hour on the treadmill (16 km at 3:44/km. My last marathon of 2:39:08 was 3:47/km). Half of this was done at 3:37 min/km so I am getting there. It's funny because I often get smiles, the "thumbs-up", and friendly waves from the folks (most are retired) at the gym. At the end of this particular work-out, the lady next to me praised me for my run and exclaimed that she could hardly look at me while I was running! Many have told me that I am inspiring but I often commend them for being at the gym and inspiring me. Some have arthritis, some are in their late 80's, and others are recovering from various health conditions. I look at them and think, they are working just as hard as me. This particular lady was recovering from a heart attack. No, she certainly wasn't going my pace but the next time I am beside her, I will feel that much more inspired.