Monday, May 23, 2011

Another race complete...and another victory!

One of my favourite races is my home-town Alvinston to Watford 16 km road race! It started in 1958 (not many races are this old) and is held every Victoria Monday.
I am not sure how many times I've done it but I do know I've been first female the last several times. It's not super competitive but there is nothing like running from one small town to another, through the country. I often think about the many trips spent on that road with my dad and sister, on the way to hockey. I was able to run by my cheering family, right at my elementary school. The weather is usually rainy but today was great. The tail-wind was amazing (and I needed it)! We left our house at 6:45 am, in order to register and get to the 10 am start. Jonathan was able to make 3 stops with the kids, to cheer me on. So sweet. Seth was wearing his, "Go Mommy Go" t-shirt I got from Running Skirts. He was so proud. Micah, being 5, I guess, was too old to wear his! But they did cheer with their bells! I was thrilled that the race provided eload! Thanks, Sharon!
I was sporting my Saucony vizipro for the race. During my warm-up, a few girls were on their trampoline and told me how much they "loved" my orange! Funny how you can influence the youngins!
So, my time was about 65 minutes, which I am pleased about. I had one lady I kept my eye on and was able to eventually get past her with 1.5 km left! I knew I had to pass her with confidence, speed and strength (thanks, Coach Murray Jackson) and was motivated by my kids. I just could not go home without winning that big trophy for them! There was no prize money but the trophy=priceless!