Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Feeling Fit and Fine.

Training is going quite well. Very well, actually.
Again, I completed another "highest yet" mileage week of 164 km. It was also fairly intense with a 10 km hilly race, a decent 6 x 1.2 km speed session on the track, and a 44 km long run (with my buddy, Clayton). I've been taking one day off every two weeks so Sunday was a lovely day of R&R. My body is feeling fit and fine with no major problems. Hoping I can PB in Vancouver for the 1/2, June 24. Can't wait to see my best gal, SB!
I want to say a big, THANK YOU to the City of Brantford and the Brant Community Foundation for the grant used to cover costs for my training (travel, health care providers, childcare). I feel a great deal of support from Brantford and am grateful. Again, thank you.
So, coach Rick and I have planned a decent week of quality and quantity running before taking it back down next week for the taper before Vancouver.
Appeal update: we are waiting for AC's response.
Didn't have any running pictures so enjoy my kids (Seth biking, Micah SK graduation, Leah in her pretty dress).